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A Place of Calm in Today's Busy and Uncertain World

As a direct result of the dedication and commitment of the small core congregation of twenty four people, the chapel holds services every Sunday morning.

It is a Baptist chapel, however the congregation is comprised of various denominations, all sharing the value that everyone is equally welcome.

The chapel is also licensed for marriages, funerals and christenings, and is a registered charity.

All maintenance and running costs are funded by donations or service collections, and the parishioners clean the chapel, and provide and fund flowers and materials for services.  On occasions, if funds allow, the chapel makes small donations to some local charities.

There is no dress code - whatever you feel comfortable in, including jeans.  God is not concerned with what you wear, and neither are we.


For one hour each Sunday morning, it is wonderful to be able to put aside busy lives, stresses and worries, and come together to recognize and be thankful for all the good things we are blessed with.  The atmosphere enables each person, in their own preferred way, to listen, participate, ask questions and try to understand how to apply things in today's world.  It is also refreshing and rare to be amongst a small group who are willing to help and support one another without wanting anything in return.  Overall, it is uplifting and brings a sense of positivity and inner peace.

Visiting Ministers

Some services are led by guest Minister, who kindly give their time.  The majority of services are conducted by the congregation.  Please take a look at our Services & Activities page, for further details and dates.

  • Mr Ken Prosser, from From Norton Baptist Chapel

  • Mrs Stella Price, from Abergavenny Baptist Church

  • Mrs Catherine Griffiths

  • Ms Misha Pedersen

  • Mr Ian Purcell, from the Rural Mission

  • Mr Nigel Jones, from Salvation Army Abergavenny

  • Ms Glenys Jones, from Abergavenny Methodist Church

  • Ms Joy James, from Ewyas Harold Baptist Church

  • Reverend Barry Roche

Llanddewi Rhydderch Baptist Chapel

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